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You Know What I'm Saying

Alrighty folks, here is my first post under my new icon journal, SpiltMilk_Icons. I used to post as sippyrealla, but with all the icons I make, I figured it would be good to get an icon journal.
So, here are some repeats and some new ones, all bunched together for your enjoyment!

Cardcaptor Sakura x 9
Sailor Moon x 6
KKJ x 4
Sister Princess x 3
Tokyo Mew Mew x 8
Girl Queen x 3
Peach Girl x 1
Wedding Peach x 10
Digi Charat x 1
Chobits x 3
Fatal Frame x 1
Ceres x 5
Pita Ten x 17
Ah! My Goddess x 4
Angel Sanctuary x 2
Mermaid Melody x 6
Pretear x 2
Homestar x 4
Foamy x 5
Potter Puppet Pals x 2
Various x 15

Total = 117

Tempt Me, Tease Me:
-- -- -- --

(You're Free To Leave Me, Just Don't Decived Me)
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