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random acts of iconageness

So I'm not supose to post the first, but to hell with it since no one voted for it anyways :/ Just wana get these out of my que to get to new stuff ^_^'

A little violent, but it has it's place... I like it.

Shush XP

I wish there was a community called cat_people, it would be nice for them >__>

All Tsukihime and no hentai make music go crazy... :p

Firstly, do not direct link these icons, it steals my bandwith and I dont have any to spare. If you want to use any of these icons please let me know. There really isnt any need to ask "if" you can, I made them to be used! Share them, and also please give me credit somewhere in the info, no credit is stealing and stealing is baaaad ~_^ If you wana steal from someone please dont do it from me, it hurts my feelings alot...

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